The tradition and the experience of Carlo Lavagnini, founder in 1958, and the innovations introduced by his daughter Paola, manager and head of the company, have made the industry highlycompetitive in the world scene in the production of printing frames.

Leader in the production of traditional printing frames, used in both the textile screen printing and silk-screen application, Lavagnini today is distinguished by the ability to look beyond.

The futuristic became a reality with the launch of innovative products such as aluminum profiles used in both sectors. Moreover the firm Lavagnini is capable of producing light carpentry as: gates, balconies and grating both iron and aluminum.

It also achieves packing for winding wires in iron, steel and aluminum.

The brand Lavagnini is synonymous with reliability and efficiency. The industry is now a solid and widely established in its market. The headquarters is located in a strategic area which is the area Lariana, and that allowed to grow commercially exponentially.

The safety of the materials used, carefully selected, high production standards and the consolidated professionalism of the technical staff Lavagnini distinguish the products in terms of quality and warranty.

The production therefore includes:

Frames destined for the press fabrics, silk-screen application and to the printed circuits

– Light carpentry in aluminum and iron for interiors and exteriors

– Packing or packaging for aluminum wire, iron and steel

– Dog equipment: recently on the market under the brand Goldenbox